Recruitment and Retention Integrated Planning News

University of Lethbridge partners with Lethbridge School District No. 51 to present Dual Credit program (November 2104)

A first-of-its-kind partnership between the University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge School District No. 51 promises to create new learner pathways for high school students and better prepare them for the transition to post-secondary studies.

Grad studies applications go online (June 2013)

Initiated through the Recruitment and Retention Integrated Planning project, the online application system will not only be of significant improvement for students looking to enter graduate programs at the U of L, but it will greatly enhance the efficiency of University staff and faculty who must accept and review the applications and supporting documents submitted.

RAVE Project virtually ready (May 2013)

The University of Lethbridge has produced an innovative multilingual online virtual campus environment that will allow anyone with web access and a free copy of Google Earth to experience the Lethbridge campus in a way that mirrors an actual campus visit.

Removing fear from math (April 2013)

There is no denying that for many high school students, there is a fear factor associated with mathematics. The University of Lethbridge’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is looking to ease those fears, and in the end, maybe inspire more students to pursue, rather than retreat, from studies in math.

Finding the factors that influence students (February 2013)

The Recruitment and Retention Project (RRP) Team has identified a need to better understand the risk factors that impact new high school students and their persistence (retention) rate from the first to the second year of post-secondary studies. Further, the RRP Team is looking to develop strategies to enhance recruitment and improve student retention as a result.

Enhancing student engagement the focus of learning circles (January 2013)

Craig Milner, an instructor in the Faculty of Management, and Heather Mirau, director of integrated planning, have been co-leading a group of employees and two sets of students who represent various disciplines and years of study in this pilot project. Its goal is to establish a process for developing a culture of HPTs based on self-management principles.

Information outlet has the right answer (January 2013)

You no doubt have noticed the friendly faces greeting you at the Campus Information Services outlet located directly across from Tim Hortons in the 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport and Wellness. This operation, which just recently opened, is yet another initiative from the Recruitment and Retention Project.

Game Day Shirts (November 2012)

As part of the Recruitment and Retention Project (RRP), the Enhancing Community & School Spirit (ECSS) subject matter team is challenging University departments, faculty, staff and students to wear Game Day Shirts on the day of our Pronghorn Athletics games.

Liberal Education 2850 (October 2012)

The Spring 2013 term will see the University of Lethbridge offer a new course targeted at first-year students, helping them to become aware that they are part of communities that are here to benefit and support their endeavours.

LBED 2850: Mapping Self, Career, Campus, Community is a trial course that was developed by the Academic Success - Achievement and Learning Resources subject matter team, a subcommittee of the Recruitment and Retention Planning (RRP) Committee.

Online Graduate Applications (May 2012)

Through the Recruitment and Retention Integrated Planning (RRIP) project, an online graduate studies application process is being developed with the aim of making applying for Graduate Studies faster and more user-friendly.

Informal Learning Spaces (June 2012 UWeekly)

Universities and experiments go hand-in-hand. Rats and mazes, however, likely come to mind well before furnishings and interior design.

The experiment in question is part of the University of Lethbridge’s Recruitment and Retention Integrated Planning (RRIP) project, designed to not only attract new students to the University but also provide existing students every support possible to help them graduate. In the case of a new 24-Hour Study Centre, the goal is to find the proper combination of furnishings and technology to meet the learning and study needs of today’s students.

First Year Experience Course (April 2012)

The course is designed to help students with the transition to the university lifestyle, the goal being that it will increase their opportunity for success and see them continue their studies through graduation.

Campus Life (December 2011)

There’s no doubt you’ve heard the buzz about a student portal or seen the campus-wide campaign about a U of L learning commons and study centre, while just recently the University broke ground on another student residence.

If there are common threads to these initiatives, it’s that they embody the student-centred ideal that is embedded within the University’s Strategic Plan; an ideal that is articulated in part by the activities of the Recruitment & Retention Integrated Planning (RRIP) team.