Mobile and Laptop Charging


  • Respond to needs as identified by focus groups and individual unit presentations.
  • Increase learner satisfaction by enhancing the access and convenience of mobile equipment charging.
  • Establish a holistic method and approach for identifying the needs, opportunities, and recommendations for enhancing power connections.
  • Increase the resource efficiencies and effectiveness in the planning and implementation of enhancing power connections across all facilities and into the future rather than the current fragmented approach.
  • Enhance the student-centred service commitment the University of Lethbridge provides for learners.

 Outcomes of Success: 

  • Increased satisfaction by learners, faculty, staff, and guests to the University.
  • Increased sense of community.
  • Increased ability to support institutional initiatives concerning mobile devices.
  • An established method for the future consideration of mobile charging in all infrastructure/facility projects.

Team Leader:     Heather Mirau


  • The team reviewed various styles of connections and have prioritized locations on the Lethbridge campus for increased availability of charging devices.
  • Recommendations provided to Facilities for new construction, building enhancement, and renovation projects.