Learning Circles


  • Enhance the student-centered service commitment that the University of Lethbridge provides for learners.
  • Respond to needs as identified by focus groups and individual unit presentations.
  • Establish a community of success and excellence at all levels within a learning organization.
  • Increase the sense of community and cross unit communications for learners, staff and faculty.
  • Integrate the support of our learners across the University rather than relying on a few departments and a few people with individual accountability.
  • Engage learners at all levels to develop high performance teams with a sense of purpose and community.
  • Establish team accountability with a common objective.
  • Establish self-managed, mutually accountable teams of learners focused on acquiring the skills, training and help to be more successful.
  • Increase the ability of the University to recruit and retain learners.

Outcomes of Success: 

  • Increased sense of community reflecting a learning organization with individuals interacting meaningfully with one another.
  • Increased engagement and satisfaction by learners, faculty and staff.
  • More engaged learners with a culture of success and excellence with support across the University.
  • A functioning engaged team of volunteers committed to expanding and increasing this support across the University.
  • Increased transitioning of new students, integration of learners through engagement at all levels, and increased completion rates by extending the learner excellence through graduation to their chosen vocation.
  • Increased relationships with other learners, faculty members and staff.
  • Improved academic performance by those squads of learners.
  • Increased engagement of Alumni.
  • An organization capable of and ready for growth.
  • Increased recruitment and retention of our learners.

Team Leaders:  Craig Milner & Heather Mirau


  • The initial two teams of students and one team of employees (Dots) meet bi-weekly throughout the semesters.
  • The two teams of students meet weekly to help each other with academics and adjustment to University.
  • The Dots connect students to the expertise on campus that may be required to meet a number of needs and to help the students with caring support.
  • The students report increased grades, less stress, more self-awareness and accountability, and an increased enthusiasm for learning and helping others.
  • The Dean of Management sponsored a private meeting with Pinball Clemens for increased out-of-classroom learning.
  • Outcomes tracking will be implemented for those learners participating in the Learning Circles.
  • A new intake of students with additional Dots occurred in October and November, 2013 respectively.
  • A new intake of students with additional Dots occurred in September, 2014.
  • A new intake of students occurred in September, 2015 with further expansion planned in January, 2015.

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