Key Projects

The implementation process for approved projects will be determined by those primary stakeholders with the subject matter expertise across departments.  A standard guideline for the implementation process follows.  Projects will be introduced on a pilot basis for review and evaluation.

  • A team leader will be appointed from the Recruitment and Retention Project Team.
  • The team leader will be responsible for establishing a team of primary stakeholders from the University community who have subject matter expertise.
  • Each Subject Matter Team (SMT) will establish a Charter outlining the team's vision, goals, outcomes of success, process, schedule of priorities, and evaluation criteria.
  • Each SMT will be responsible for providing monthly progress reports to the Recruitment and Retention Project Team.
  • The Recruitment and Retention Project Team will be a support mechanism to aid the SMTs in their goals, and in so doing will assist in removing any system level barriers that may impede the SMTs progress.