Information Centre


  • To respond to needs as identified by focus groups and individual unit presentations.
  • To provide Recruitment with an identifiable location where new recruits and families can easily be greeted and served as soon as they arrive on campus.
  • To provide a destination for those visitors to the University with an identifiable location to meet or to gain information concerning their visit to the University.
  • To increase the ability of the University to recruit and retain learners.
  • To increase the sense of community and cross unit communications for learners, staff and faculty, and visitors to the University.
  • To transform the current fragmented information services into a more cohesive unit providing comprehensive information to the learners, faculty and staff, and guests to the University.
  • To enhance the student-centered service commitment the University of Lethbridge provides for learners.

Outcomes of Success:

  • Increased sense of community.
  • One central point of distribution of information services in physical spaces and Internet.
  • Increased satisfaction by learners, faculty and staff, and guests to the University.
  • Increased ability to support institutional initiatives in the recruitment and retention of learners.
  • Increased staff productivity through improved distribution of information; e.g., way-finding, published resources, programming and events.

Team Leader       Heather Mirau


  • Stakeholders interviewed and meetings held in March, 2012
  • Project proposal submitted to Project Sponsors May 2, 2012.
  • Pilot project approved for August, 2012.
  • Implementation approved under Recruitment & Retention Integrated Planning.
  • Switchboard transferred to Campus Information Services July, 2013.
  • Operationalized under the Library for one year period beginning November, 2013.
  • Pilot extended to March 31, 2015.


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