GPA Estimator


  • To create one self-help GPA estimator tool for students within the Portal for use in all Faculties.
  • To increase student satisfaction in planning academic goals for potential positive affect on retention by reducing students at risk.
  • To decrease demand, time, and effort by advisors from repeating the steps of pulling transcripts and reviewing the student grades with each student.

Outcomes of Success:

  • An easy to access self-help tool within the Portal for students to estimate their GPA.
  • A tool to help students set academic grade goals by estimating different scenarios using the GPA Estimator tool.
  • A greater understanding by students of their current potential GPA to determine their status to avoid academic probation or required to withdraw classification, which in turn will decrease workload for advisors.
  • The increased student understanding and knowledge of the GPA should decrease the demand on advisors resulting in better questions to the advisors and decreased frequency of visits.


          Leaders: Jamie Chinn and Heather Mirau

Michelle Helstein IT Project Sponsor      
Brenda Bell Education
James Dobbie Fine Arts
Jennifer McArthur   Arts & Science
Kristie Masuda Health Sciences
Marie Matkin Management
Marlene Taylor Registrar's Office
Darlene Unrau Institutional Analysis


  • SMT meetings and research, May to July, 2015.
  • Student feedback week of September 1, 2015
  • Web page solution with access through the student Portal and Mobile App. went live September 10, 2015
  • Integration with Banner student accounts will occur at a later time.