Community Outreach

Project Overview:

The University‚Äôs Destination 2020 identifies the need to enhance relationships with external communities. 

The abundance of the many events, programs, and services at the University causes confusion for people to easily and quickly access the information concerning these events and services within a vast amount of web pages.  Local community members are unaware of the hierarchy of the University or the direct titles of such events and services to enable quick searches.  Presenting the events, programs, and services available to the local community on one web page of links should increase user satisfaction with accessing public information.  All information will be single sourced to ensure accurate information and eliminate any duplication of effort. 


  • To inventory and identify groupings of outreach events, programs and services accessible by the local community.
  • To increase awareness, engagement and knowledge sharing with the local community.
  • To respond to needs of the service providers to increase engagement and participation in events, programs, and services for the local community.
  • To respond to needs of the local community to provide more efficient access to information concerning the events and services programmed by the U of L.
  • To increase sense of community and understanding of the outreach by the many programs at the University.


  • Increased access to community outreach information.
  • Increased awareness, engagement, and participation at University community events and services.
  • Increased knowledge about the University within the local and University communities.
  • Greater awareness of community outreach should enhance the image of the University for recruitment and retention.
  • Enhanced awareness of U of L programs/events with the general community should enhance the ability for fundraising, especially for the Destination Building.


  • Recommendations made for a web page to represent the many categories of information to be provided to the external community.  It was noted that the internal community will benefit from this web page.
  • Under construction - March to August, 2015.
  • The Visitors & Community web page was launched the first week of September, 2015

                  Team Leaders:   Heather Mirau and Trevor Flexhaug

                  Team Members:

                  Steve Craig Faculty of Management
                  Erin Crane Conference & Event Services
                  Penny D'Agnone Research Services
                  Rob Engen Sport & Recreation Services
                  Alesha Farfus-Shukaliak University Advancement
                  Tara Froehlich Faculty of Health Sciences
                  Catharine Reader Faculty of Arts & Science
                  Darcy Tamayose Faculty of Education
                  Katherine Wasiak Faculty of Fine Arts
                  Rachel Chamberlain Provost & VPA Office