Collaborative Learning Centre


  • To enhance the student-centered service commitment that the University of Lethbridge provides for learners.
  • To explore ways to enhance learning services through the implementation of a dispersed inter-disciplinary model.
  • To respond to needs as identified by learner focus groups and individual unit presentations.
  • To test various services and functionality within the room to determine next steps.
  • To increase the sense of community and cross unit communications across campus for learners, staff and faculty.
  • To increase the ability of the University to recruit and retain learners.

Outcomes of Success

  • Increased engagement and interaction in learning within a service-oriented, tech-rich environment.
  • Increased learning through experimentation and practice within a collaborative model; that is, through the use of technology and support services.
  • Increased learner self-management.
  • Increased ownership of collaborative spaces.

Team Leaders

            Wendy Merkley and Heather Mirau


  • W650 Study Centre has been renewed with technical equipment and furnishings to facilitate a collaborative learning centre September, 2012 due to demand and reflectinig a more appropriate use given that it is adjacent to the Atrium which is the loudest and most used space on campus.
  • Peer assisted technology tutors have been scheduled by the Library with regular hours in the new Collaborative Learning Centre (W650), including evening hours beginning March, 2012.
  • Campus Information Services coordinates the Collaborative Learning Centre.
  • The space is managed through a collaboration of several departments:  Campus Information Services, Library and Information Technology.  This team meets monthly to review usage and adjust offerings as may be required.
  • Various student services provide sessions within the space.
  • Operationalized under Student Success (Enrolment Services).