Academic Support - Student Success: Learning Strategist, Tutoring, Writing Support


  • To identify learners at risk within the institution and to provide the needed resources to these learners in a timely and effective manner so they can successfully complete their school year.
  • To provide a method of communication between units, faculty and staff that allows the institution to identify learners at risk and provide procedures that will allow units, faculty and staff to know how to deal with these learners, within the guidelines of FOIP.
  • To respond to needs as identified by learner focus groups and individual unit presentations.
  • To increase the atmosphere of ‘Students First’ through a stronger community and cross unit communications across campus for learners, staff and faculty.
  • To increase the ability of the University to recruit and retain learners by building on our reputation as an accessible university.

 Outcomes of Success

  • Increased learner satisfaction.
  • Increased retention of learners.
  • Increased graduation rates.
  • Increased recruitment of learners. 

Team Leader         Heidi MacDonald


  • Deans’ Council approval to proceed, November 24, 2010.
  • A Learning Strategist was hired December, 2011 to improve student learning and support the academic success of all students by assisting students in improving study skills, study habits, study attitudes and study motivation.
  • Extended Academic Writing workshops offered two-hour group sessions a week for current Academic Writing 1000 students facilitated by Academic Writing instructors and peer tutors, January, 2012.
  • A pilot tutoring program started in Biology 1010 and 1020 lab sessions, January, 2012.
  • 17 study skills workshops were provided by Counselling Services for Biology 1010 and 1020 beginning January, 2012.
  • Individual tutoring for those students as recommended by the Academic Writing and Biology Chairs will receive free tutoring with an undergraduate or graduate student tutor limited to 25 academic writing students and 40 students in Biology 1010 for 10 hours each in Spring Semester 2012.
  • The Writing Centre has been restructured reporting to Academic Writing for a comprehensive view of writing support across the University.



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