Academic Support - First Year Experience Foundation and Learning Commons

Initially, this project will have two topics:

  1. First Year Experience Foundation Program
  2. Learning Commons


  • To enhance the student-centered service commitment that the University of Lethbridge provides for learners.
  • To respond to needs as identified by learner focus groups and individual unit presentations.
  • To increase the sense of community and cross unit communications across campus for learners, staff and faculty.
  • To increase the ability of the University to recruit and retain learners.

 Outcomes of Success 

  • Increased learner satisfaction.
  • Increased retention of learners.
  • Increased graduation rates.
  • Increased recruitment of learners.

Team Leaders        

Dan Kazakoff - First Year Experience and Foundation Program

Brenda Mathenia - Learning Commons


First Year Experience and Foundation Program

  • Deans' Council approval to proceed, November 24, 2010. 
  • A first year experience topics course has been developed to be offered Spring, 2013.
  • Dan Kazakoff and Jan Newberry were awarded a $5,000 teaching development grant from CAETL for this course.
  • A review of the first year experience course, LBED2850 was conducted and it will be offered again in Spring, 2014 due to initial widespread success.
  • Outcomes tracking will be implemented for those learners participating in this course.
  • The average retention rate for students who registered in LBED 1500 from 2013-16 was 4.43% higher than the average typical U of L retention rate from May 15 of year 1 to December 1 of year 2.  LBED 1500 has on average a much higher rate of students at risk registered in the class.

Learning Commons

  • Planning for a Learning Commons will take place in 2012-13 by Library and Facilities.


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