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Tape binding

Cloth binding (usually black) applied to the spine of a document during or after the copying process.

Thermal binding

Process that bakes a pre-glued wrap-around cover onto the loose pages of a book forming a permanent binding.


Special powder application to offset printing. Paper is transferred through a special thermal heater unit which creates raised, glossy ink.


A very small, rough rendition of a larger image.

TIFF (tagged-image file format)

Image format used to exchange files between applications and computer platforms. Supports LZW lossless compression. Format can be 1 to 32-bit depth.


Refers to the rough texture of a paper's surface.


Two colours which print next to each other are overlapped a tiny amount to eliminate the white space between them. (See also "choke" and "spread")


A selection of a particular type style comprised of a number of fonts.


Skilled level of typeface choice with spacing, impact and readability considerations.