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Refers to random access memory used by computers for temporary storage of data.


A bitmap image consisting of a matrix of pixels.


A measurement unit for paper, usually 500 sheets.

Registration marks

Usually depicted by a cross in a circle to ensure perfect alignment when printing more than one ink.

Removable media

Refers to portable mass storage devices such as Iomega Zip, JAZ, SyQuest, and floptical disks.


The number of dots or screen pixels used to create an image. The more dots, the higher the resolution, the better the image. Higher resolutions increase file sizes.

RGB (red, green, blue)

Colour mode which uses a large percentage of the visible colour spectrum (primary colours). RGB images must be translated to CMYK to print.

RIP (raster image processor)

Converts postscript files to raster (bitmap) images for printing on output devices.

RLE (run-length encoding)

Bitmap compression for 4- and 8-bit bitmaps. Compression is lossless - it does not discard detail from the image.

RTF (rich text format)

Text file able to retain font and formatting information.