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Glue applied to a group of sheets to form a note pad.


A digital selection of an image area usually stored in an alpha channel. Also referred to as "clipping path".

PDF (portable document format)

A file type containing embedded information. Created by Adobe, PDF is ideal for portability and screen viewing because pages display the same way that they were created.

Perfect binding

Glued pages with wrap-around paperback cover.


Kodak image compression file format using YCC data, a colour encoding metric developed by Kodak.


Adobe software package used extensively for photographic enhancements.


Measuring unit typically used in typesetting. One pica is approximately 1/6 of an inch.


Apple's format for displaying 72 dpi bitmapped graphics. PICT data is one element of an EPS file, allowing PostScript data to be viewed on screen.


A small area defined on a computer screen. The on-screen image is made up of thousands of individually coloured pixels.


Used in the offset printing process to transfer image to paper.

PMS (Pantone matching system)

Print industry colour matching system.

PMT (photo mechanical transfer)

Black print contact sheet made from negative film.

PNG (portable network graphic)

File format developed as an alternative to GIF for use on the worldwide web. PNG preserves all colour information using a lossless compression scheme.


Sub-measurement of pica. There are 12 points in a pica and 72 points in an inch. Point size is commonly used to denote the size of a particular font.

PPI (pixels per inch)

Describes the number of pixels an image contains. The more pixels per inch, the finer the resolution.


Checking files for colour fit (trapping), fonts, positioning, registration and accuracy.


All working steps leading up to the printing process.

Pressure sensitive paper

A sticky label stock with removable protective backing.

Primary (or additive) colours

Consist of red, green and blue. Addition of all 3 wavelengths yield white. (See also "RGB")

Print driver

Software needed to set parameters for document printing.

Printing inks

Inks used in reproduction of images and text on a press.

Process printing

CMYK printing of halftones from two or more plates to produce other colours and shades.

PS (PostScript)

A printer language file which may be printed without opening the native application.