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Macromedia Director

An application enabling users to create presentations combinining images, video and sound.


Also referred to as process red -- one of the CMYK process colours.


Press preparations prior to printing a job.


Hiding an area that should not show during the image creation process.

Match print

Proof printed on customer selected paper

Megabyte (meg, MB, Mbyte)

Computer storage amount. A megabyte is made up of roughly 1,000 kilobytes

Metallic inks

Inks containing bronze or aluminum powders in a varnish base.


Undesirable patterns that sometimes occur when reproductions are made from halftone proofs due to incorrect screen angles.

Monitor resolution

Pixel setting of the monitor. Default resolution of Mac monitors is typically 72 dpi. Default resolution of PC monitors is typically 96 dpi.


Reproduction in one colour only.


Single image created from a compilation of several images.

MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group)

Data compression method for full-motion video.

Multiple master

A font manipulation system devised by Adobe in which a basic master font can be altered by the designer.