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Adobe application used to create illustrations and drawings.

Image resolution

The number of pixels displayed per unit length of an image usually measured in pixels per inch. (See also "PPI")


Digital typesetters that process postscript files used to output photo-sensitive film for printing.


The arrangement of pages for printing.


Indexed colour mode

Colour palette of at most 256 colours to represent image data.


A special permit which takes the place of a stamp.

Ink holdout

A paper characteristic that keeps ink on the surface and prevents it from being absorbed. Too much absorption causes the printed image to lack sharpness.


Inkjet printing

Wet inks are sprayed through fine nozzles onto the paper surface.


Negative created from transmission copy as an intermediate step to reproducing the original.

IP address

A 32-bit number that identifies each sender or receiver of information that is sent in packets across the Internet.

ISO (International Standards Organization)

Organization responsible for establishing industry standards for film emulsion.