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Range of colours that can be displayed or printed.


Folding method whereby three panels fold into themselves.

GCR (grey component replacement)

Black ink replacement of neutral colours throughout an image in a colour separation (CMYK image)

GIF (graphical interface format)

Image compression format which creates small file sizes. Maximum 8-bit depth.

GIF 89a (graphical interface format)

Indexed-colour GIF file allowing transparency.

Gigabyte (gig, GB, Gbyte)

Computer storage amount. A gigabyte is made up of roughly 1,000 megabytes.


Refers to paper fibre direction. Folding occurs easily along the grain but must be forced if at right angles to the grain.

Grayscale mode

Image mode which uses up to 256 shades of gray.



Refers to cross-ruled transparent grids over which all parts of a page will be assembled.


The mechanical "fingers" which hold the paper onto the impression cylinder of the printing press.



Blank space where two pages meet, or the space between columns of type.