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Fine printing

Associated with offset printing method. Suggests full colour publications using specialty stocks.


Applying final size and binding specifications to printed sheets of paper.


Macromedia software application used to create Internet content.


A relief printing process using rubber or plastic plates which is widely used in the packaging industry.


Metallic or pigment leaf used to stamp designs on a surface.


Page number. Also refers to a sheet of paper when folded once.


A particular style and size of type including all of the associated characters.

Format or formatting

Computing term to describe font style, layout, margins, etc, in documents. Term is also used to describe the layout of a physical hard drive or floppy disk.

Four-colour process

Also known as CMYK. (See CMYK)

FPO (for position only)

Low-resolution image file used for layout purposes prior to creating film.

FTP (file transfer protocol)

A method to transfer computer files over the Internet and networks.