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The thickness of a sheet measured with a micrometre.


Documents which are ready for the printing process without any further design or typesetting work.


(Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency) This agency administers copyright permissions and royalty collection between publishers and institutions such as the University of Lethbridge. See the U of L CANCOPY license information.

Cast coated

Highest gloss coating available with high ink absorption qualities.

Cerlox binding

Removable plastic ring binding coil.


The opposite of "spread" in platemaking. When two colours butt up against one another, the darker colour area "chokes" the lighter colour, which is enlarged.


(cyan, magenta, yellow and black) Colour model based on the light-absorbing quality of ink printed on paper. Cyan, magenta, yellow and black create secondary colours when combined.

Coated cover

Coated stock for creating cover and packaging material.

Coated paper

Paper with a matte or glossy smooth finish that aids image enhancement.


To put the pages of a publication in order before binding them; To assemble in proper sequence.

Colour key

Pre-press colour proofing method using film overlays.

Colour management systems

Digital database that defines colour space used by a digital input and output device. Ensures colour accuracy of output.

Colour matching

Precise colour matching of original to the output in either traditional or digital darkrooms.

Colour separation

Photographic process separating film into the four colours used to print cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks. Also known as CMYK.

Condensed type

Narrow version of a regular typeface.

Contact sheet

Also known as a gang proof, photographic negatives are aligned directly on photographic paper and exposed to light to provide one sheet containing all images.

Continuous tone

Any photography, drawing or illustration that has a complete range of tones, i.e. it has not been screened.


Single staple in top left corner of pages.


Precise sizing of a photographic or digital image, selecting a portion of the total image area.