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Backing up

In press work, the reverse side of the sheet.


Horizontal line upon which all characters in a given line stand.

Batch processing

Execution of a single or sequence of commands on multiple files.


Bit-depth (or resolution)
  • The amount of colour information available for each pixel in an image, also known as colour resolution.
  • Common pixel depths range from 1 to 24 bits per pixel.

Also called raster images, bitmaps use a grid of pixels to represent graphics.


Describes print that extends beyond the boundary of the printed sheet or page.

Blind embossing

An impression made with a stamping die, without the use of ink or foil.


(Windows bitmap) Image format on DOS and Windows platforms and applications. Format can be 1 to 24-bit depth and may be RLE-encoded for compression.


Photographic term referring to the addition of exposure to selected areas of a print. Computer term referring to the placing of files on a CD-R or CD-RW disk.