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Accordian fold

Series of parallel folds in paper resembling an accordian.

Adobe Acrobat

Software that lets you view and print Adobe PDF files. (See also "PDF")

Adobe Illustrator

Software package used to create illustrations.

Adobe Photoshop

Software package used extensively for photographic enhancements.

Adobe Type Manager

Application that ensures accurate screen representations of Postscript fonts.


Folding paper at right angles to the grain is problematic because it often causes cracking.


Unit of measurement used in newspapers to calculate column space. 14 agate lines equals one inch.

  • Technique used in imaging applications to alleviate the jagged appearance of graphics produced on low-resolution devices such as computer monitors.
  • Neutral colour is interpolated between two colour planes.

That part of the letter which rises above the body of the letter.

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)

Represents characters with numbered code.


The layout, design and output of multimedia documents.