President's Award for Service Excellence

AUPE 2018 Recipient

Her accuracy, flexibility and pleasant way of going the extra mile set Leanne Wehlage-Ellis apart in her role as administrative assistant in both the Psychology & Women and Gender Studies departments.

APO 2018 Recipient

As an ambassador for those new to the University of Lethbridge and those already employed by this institution, Senior Human Resources Consultant, Nancy Pastoor, is a calming presence and an inspiring light.

TEAM 2018 Recipients

Characterized by ingenuity, flexibility and consistent processes, the Caretaking Team of nearly 60 individuals at the University of Lethbridge, is a competent, professional presence on campus.

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The President’s Award for Service Excellence is awarded annually to University of Lethbridge employees in recognition of the provision of exceptional service to the University of Lethbridge and members of the University community. Typically, one award is given to an AUPE/ESS employee and one award is given to an APO/Executive Director employee. An additional Team award can also be considered through the nomination and selection process. Award recipients will be honored at the annual Long Service Awards and Retirement Recognition Ceremony.

President's Award for Service Excellence recipients will receive:

  • A certificate of recognition for the employee or each team member.
  • A monetary award of $1000.00 for the employee or team to be deposited into a separate professional supplement account for training or other items covered under the professional supplement program and used within the professional supplement program established guidelines.

Nomination Guidelines & Nomination Form: 


Recipients 2003 - 2018

2003 Debi Sandul (APO/ESS)
2004 Sharon Stevenson-Ferarri (AUPE), Terry Kirkvold (APO/ESS)
2005 Catherine Ross (AUPE), Peter Haney (APO/ESS)
2006 Penny Secretan (AUPE), Carrie Takeyasu (APO/ESS)
2007 Carl Budney (AUPE)
2008 Teresa Heyburn & Lynn Hopkins (AUPE Team), Jane Allan (APO/ESS)
2009 Naomi Cramer (AUPE), Charlene Janes (APO/ESS)
2010 Cal Toth (APO/ESS), Kim Fowler (AUPE), Major Building Construction Team: Brian Sullivan, Bill Hudgins, Jason Baranec, Jason Federkeil, Will Tietz, Dan Sullivan, Jim Vanderzee, Rick Baceda and Al Mueller
2011 Jamie Chinn (APO/ESS), Calgary Campus Administrative Team (AUPE): Kelly Reid, Dana Corbin, Kristin Galicia, Ghazia Kirn
2012 Kathleen Schrage (APO/ESS) & Linda Sebastian (AUPE)
2013 Barbara Williams (APO/ESS), Barbara Hodgson (AUPE), Printing Services Team: Greg Martin, Tyler Hayward, Fiona Randle, Kim Selk, Judy Westcott, Murielle Guitard, Diane Layng, and Jeanette Leusink
2014 Steve Craig (APO/ESS), Margaret Cook (AUPE), Conference and Event Services Team: Erin Crane and Melissa Wiebe

Isabelle Gauthier (APO/ESS), John Kometz (AUPE), Dean's Office Arts & Science Admin Team: Linda Gilbert, ChiChi Cameron and Kim Skura.


Aaron Tamayose (APO/ESS), Jadranka Smiljanec (AUPE), Rosemary Howard (AUPE), Teaching Centre Team: Jill Payant, Bernie Wirzba, Victoria Holec, John Kometz, Alyssa Di Rocco, Tyler Heaton, Brad Reamsbottom, Glenda Martens, Todd Doucette, Doug Orr, Jeff Meadows and Dave Hinger.


Heather Rowland (APO) & Bev Garnett (AUPE)

2018 Nancy Pastoor (APO), Leanne Wehlage-Ellis (AUPE) & Caretaking (TEAM)