Policy Documents

This website is the official repository for all current University of Lethbridge policies and procedures. Policy documents reflect an institution's position, principles, standards, and processes on key issues. Policies exist to protect both you and the University. Please be aware that you have an obligation to comply with University policy and procedure.



New and Revised Activity Summary for 2017

Research Centres & Institutes Policy

(Policy Revisions Board of Governors approved April 13, 2017. Revisions reflect prior changes within the Academic Quality Assurance Policy in regards to the review of Type A Research Centres and Institutes.)


Summary for 2016

Conflict of Interest and/or Commitment Policy

(Policy Revisions Board of Governors approved December 15, 2016. Revisions focused on updating the definition to include mismanagement of duties between employee and professional interests, include guiding principles that would apply to the research community, updates to family definition, update disclosure requirements to reflect the 2013 agreement with the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association (ULFA) for annual electronic disclosure.)

Use of University Premises for Non-Academic Purposes Policy

(Policy Revisions (formerly Facilities - Use and Rental Policy) Board of Governors approved October 13, 2016.

Trespass Policy

(New Policy. Board of Governors approved October 13, 2016. The purpose of this policy is to outline the responsibilities of and procedures for Security Services or other authorized University agents relating to the application of the Trespass to Premises Act and Petty Trespass Act on Campus premises.  The University has legal obligations to ensure the safety and security of Campus premises and its users, and will take all reasonable steps to meet those obligations.)

Use and Booking of University Sort and Recreation Facilities Policy

(Policy Revisions (formerly Facility Booking and Use of Sport and Recreation Facilities Policy). Board of Governors approved October 13, 2016. Significant changes occurred.)

Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Policy

(Policy Revisions (formerly Students with Disabilities Policy). GFC Approved October 3, 2016. Formatting and revisions were made to ensure clarity on roles and responsibilities of the student and academic staff.)

Survey Policy

(Editorial Revisions to Appendix: July 19, 2016. The following surveys were added to the list of surveys that are considered to be approved: People Plan Survey, Healthy Minds Survey, Healthy Bodies Survey, National College Health Assessment, Canadian Graduate and Professional Student Survey, and the National Baccalaureate Graduate Outcomes Survey.)

Sexual Violence Policy

(New Policy. Board of Governors Approved April 21, 2016. Currently, the UofL has policies in place that pertain to sexual violence: Harassment and Discrimination Policy; Workplace Violence Policy; and the Non-Academic Offence provision in the academic Calendar. This new policy aims to better identify resources and supports available to the University community, promote an “only with consent” campus culture, and demonstrate the UofL’s commitment to addressing the issue of sexual violence on campus. The policy itself is supplemented by a university webpage http://www.uleth.ca/sexual-violence-information/ . A review of this policy will occur in Spring 2017.)

Harassment and Discrimination Policy

(Policy Revisions. Board of Governors Approved April 21, 2016. Changes were to ensure that the definition of discrimination matches recent revisions to the Alberta Human Rights Act, so gender identity and gender expression where added to 3.7. Reference to the Sexual Violence Policy was provided in 3.8 under sexual assault. Definition changes in 3.11 University Community were made. Changes were in 6.2.3 and 6.2.4 was added. Significant changes occurred in procedures with adding defined resolution options with additional clarity in them.)

Travel and Business Expense Policy and Procedures

(Policy Revisions. Board of Governors Approved: February 25, 2016. Main changes were to ensure reimbursement for alcohol purchases confirm to government policies. Procedures were clearly identified. Changes to 3.8, Procedures distinguished as being separate and formatted differently. Links and Table of Contents were added throughout document. Procedures 4.3 in restrictions Associate VP was added as advanced approved, in Clarity was given on alcohol reimbursement in Procedures 4.3 “Hospitality”, “Public Relations (Alcohol)”, and “Social Functions”, 4.4, 4.5 “Meal (PR)”, “Meal (non-travel)” “Meals”. Procedure 4.5 – purchasing luggage was added as not being eligible. Procedure 5. “Airfare” restrictions on exceeding economy airfare were added.)

Naming and Named Recognition Policy

(Policy Revisions. Former called Naming of Facilities & Programs Policy. Board of Governors approved February 25, 2016. Academic naming opportunities were included. Significant changes occurred to layout, formatting and clarity on the process was added.)

Hospitality Expense Policy

(Policy Revisions. Board of Governors approved February 25, 2016. Changes to definition 2.1, changes within 4.1 and 4.2 to ensure reimbursement for alcohol purchases confirm to government policies.)