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Policy Title Category
Aboriginal Education Policy Academic Operations
Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Policy Student Affairs
Academic Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures Academic Operations
Access Device Control Policy Facilities Management
Alcohol Policy Health and Safety
Animal Welfare Policy Research & Teaching
Animals on Campus Health and Safety
Appeal of Application of Policy Other than Grade or Student Discipline Student Affairs
Art Collection Policy Governance
Art Placement Facilities Management
Assessment of Student Learning Policy and Procedures Student Affairs
Behavioural Intervention Policy Health and Safety
Benefits for Families of Deceased Employees Guidelines Human Resources
Bicycle Removal Policy Health and Safety
Bicycle Removal Procedures (Security Services) Health and Safety
Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters and In-Line Skates Health and Safety
Blackfoot and First Nations Metis and Inuit Protocol Handbook Academic Operations
Board of Governors & Meliorist Society Accord Governance
Carryover Fund Policy Financial Management
Charitable Gaming Events Policy University Development & Relations
Charitable Gaming Events Procedures University Development & Relations
Communicable Disease/Pandemic Policy Health and Safety
Compulsory Dining Plan First-Year Residence Students Student Affairs
Computer Use Policy Information Management & Technology
Confidentiality of Student Records Information Management & Technology
Conflict of Interest and/or Commitment Policy Governance
Contracts - Approval and Signing Authority Policy Governance
Corporate Memberships Financial Management
Delegation of Authority, Senior Executives Governance
Designation of Academic Staff Human Resources
Designation of Senior Administration Human Resources
Diversity & Employment Equity Human Resources
Electronic Consent Policy Information Management & Technology
Emergency Student Loan Fund Student Affairs
Emeritus Appointments University Development & Relations
Employee Compensation Philosophy Human Resources
Employee Donations and Forgone Payments University Development & Relations
Employee Ethical Conduct Governance
Employee Fitness Policy Health and Safety
Employment Application Materials Disclosure Policy Human Resources
Employment of Relatives Human Resources
Employment vs. Contract Income Human Resources
Endowment Management Policy University Development & Relations
Enterprise Risk Management Policy Governance
Establishment of Student Fees Student Affairs
Exceptions to Materials Management Requisitions Financial Management
Facilities Responsibility Mandate - Interdepartmental Charges Financial Management
Financial Approval Authority Policy Financial Management
Flag Policy University Development & Relations
Fraud Policy Governance
Fundraising Coordination Policy University Development & Relations
General Procedures for Tendering Financial Management
Gift & Recognition Expenditures Policy Financial Management
Grade Appeal Policy Student Affairs
Guideline for Calculation of Salary for Leaves Human Resources
Guidelines - Performance Evaluations for Senior Administrators Returning to Academic Staff Status Human Resources
Guidelines for E-mail & Notebook Confidentiality Notices Information Management & Technology
Guidelines for Suspension of Operations or Closure Due to Adverse Weather Conditions Health and Safety
Guidelines for the Selection of Architects & Design Consultants Facilities Management
Guidelines on Scented Products Health and Safety
Harassment and Discrimination Policy Health and Safety
Hospitality Expense Policy Financial Management
Human Subject Research Policy Research & Teaching
Impartiality & University Facility Utilization Policy Facilities Management
Information and Technology Management Policy Information Management & Technology
Investment Management Policy Financial Management
Investment Valuation Policy Financial Management
IT Data Storage Standard Information Management & Technology
IT Services Access Standard - Alumni Information Management & Technology
IT Services Access Standard - Employees Information Management & Technology
IT Services Access Standard - Faculty Information Management & Technology
IT Services Access Standard - Outside Entity Information Management & Technology
IT Services Access Standard - Students Information Management & Technology
IT Services Password Standard Information Management & Technology
Legal Holds on University Records Information Management & Technology
Legal Resources Policy Governance
Library Access Policy Academic Operations
Library Code of Conduct Academic Operations
Library Collection Guidelines Academic Operations
Lifecycle Equipment Replacement Policy Financial Management
Managing Unacceptable Behaviour By External Users of University Facilities Facilities Management
Naming & Named Recognition Policy University Development & Relations
Philosophy for the Selection, Evaluation and Compensation of Senior Administration Human Resources
Pledges - Recognition & Disclosure Guidelines University Development & Relations
Policy Against Hazing Health and Safety
Postdoctoral Fellows Policy Research & Teaching
Principles of Student Citizenship Student Affairs
Privacy Policy Information Management & Technology
Procedures and Guidelines for Administration of Restricted Research Funds Research & Teaching
Procurement Card Financial Management
Professional Supplement Funds Financial Management
Prospective Business Investment Evaluation Guidelines Financial Management
Provision of Food & Alcohol Services Health and Safety
Public Interest Disclosure Framework Governance
Purchasing Policy Manual Financial Management
Records Management Policy Information Management & Technology
Research Centres & Institutes Research & Teaching
Research Funds Administration Policy Research & Teaching
Research Policy Research & Teaching
Research Trust Account Overexpenditure Policy & Procedures Research & Teaching
Revoking Degrees Policy Student Affairs
Safe Disclosure Policy Governance
Sexual Violence Policy Health and Safety
Signage & Advertising on University Premises Facilities Management
Smoking Policy Health and Safety
Social Media Guidelines Information Management & Technology
Space Management and Allocation Policy Facilities Management
Student Discipline Policy - Academic Offences Student Affairs
Student Discipline Policy - Non-Academic Offences Student Affairs
Student Housing Student Affairs
Student Managed Investment (SMI) Operational Guidelines Financial Management
Student Managed Investment (SMI) Policy Financial Management
Student Safety Abroad Policy Health and Safety
Supplier & Contractor Ethical Practices Policy Governance
Surveillance of Public Areas Health and Safety
Survey Policy Information Management & Technology
Sustainable Building Guidelines Facilities Management
Sweat Lodge Ceremonial Procedures & Location Map Health and Safety
Transportation of Injured/Ill Persons Procedures Health and Safety
Travel and Business Expense Policy and Procedures Financial Management
Travel Fund Procedures Research & Teaching
Travel Risk Reduction Guidelines, Senior Administration Health and Safety
Trespass Policy Health and Safety
Tunnel Mural Painting Procedures Facilities Management
University Drive Billboard Posting Policy Information Management & Technology
Use and Booking of University Sport and Recreation Facilities Policy Facilities Management
Use of Cost Consultants for Capital Projects Facilities Management
Use of the University's Name & Marks Identifying the University University Development & Relations
Use of University Premises for Non-Academic Purposes Policy Facilities Management
Vacation Management Policy Human Resources
Volunteers in Research & Creative Activities Policy Research & Teaching
Weapons Policy Health and Safety
Workplace Violence Policy Health and Safety