National Non-Smoking Week
National Non-Smoking Week

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Nicola Lawrence

January 18, 2007

Jan 22-26 is National Non-Smoking Week

QUIT and WIN Contest:
- win an Ipod nano
- quit smoking for at least 30 days
- go to to register or find out more at the booth

In the ATRIUM all week:
- Toxic tunnel with info on smoking
- booth to ask questions
- FREE quit kit with info and tools to help you quit
- find information on how to join the quit and win contest

pick up your quit kit at the SU health centre

SMOKING CESSATION SEMINAR, Friday 26th at noon in Galileos:
- AADAC smoking counsellor Chris Windle to speak to:
- how to quit
- how to help others quit
- how to stay quit

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