Get your Medical Education Paid For!!! Pre Med Club Guest Speaker
Get your Medical Education Paid For!!! Pre Med Club Guest Speaker

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PreMed Club

November 21, 2006

The Pre Med Club will be having a guest speaker on Thursday Nov 23 at 5:00pm in AH 117.

The speaker is George Goulet from the Canadian Armed Forces

He will be giving a presentation on the Canadian Armed Forces Medical Officer Training Program.

Here is some more information:

Under MOTP, we are able to fully subsidize your medical program at a Canadian University.  Your tuition, fees, books, instruments etc. are fully paid for and in addition, you receive an annual salary (starting at
$42,000/yr) to attend school.  Upon completion of your residency (must be in family medicine) you come work for the Canadian Forces for four years, practicing family medicine.  At the end of the four years, you can sign
another engagement, and are also in a position to be considered for a fully subsidized speciality ie. surgery, neurology, orthopaedic etc. at your current salary.  If your medical program is four years, and you have summers free, you conduct military training over the summer months.  If your medical program is three years, you don't complete your military training until your residency is completed.  When to apply?  If it is a three year program, as soon as you are accepted.  If it is a four year
program, when you are finishing your first year, we subsidize the last three.

Other benefits:

* Time in school is pensionable
* Possible signing bonus starting at $40,000 for first year med students (this is on top of your salary). Allowance increases depending upon the year of school or
residency you are in
* Family medicine residency salary paid by the CF, starting at approx $50,000
* No financial worries, focus on your medical studies
* Free medical/dental coverage
* Four weeks vacation to start
* Speciality courses in areas such as flight or dive medicine
* Ongoing professional development
* Starting salary of $121,000/yr as a Captain.  Keep in mind this  is a 45 hour work week, with no shift work required, no overhead or expenses ie. insurance, staff, office
* You can bill extra hours/work above and beyond your CF commitments
* Required to complete basic training (14 weeks) and then a medical officer course (12 weeks), which will bring you up to speed on the CF
medical system

Refreshments will be provided

See you on the 23rd!!!

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