Christmas Sing-a-grams: The Lethbridge Carollers
Christmas Sing-a-grams: The Lethbridge Carollers

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Steven Morton
Fine Arts - Music
November 20, 2006

If you are interested in surprising a friend or loved one on campus with a Christmas Sing-a-gram then contact The Lethbridge Carollers at 795-SING(7464) or the above email address for rates and booking information. We are also available for Christmas parties both private and corporate.

We offer 4 singers in festive 19th Century costumes with a carol book of more than 50 carols to choose from so feel free to request a favorite.

This is a student run business in its second year which employs a number of very talented singers from the University's own music department.

Why not spread some Christmas cheer?

Sing-a-grams: Card, Candy Cane & 3 carols

General Rate for parties and engagements:

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