Andrew Hakin Appointed Vice-President, Academic and Provost
Andrew Hakin Appointed Vice-President, Academic and Provost

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January 18, 2007

The University of Lethbridge Board of Governors has accepted the recommendation of the Search Committee for the Vice-President Academic and Provost and appointed Dr. Andrew (Andy) Hakin to this position.

The appointment is for a five-year term starting July 1, 2007, and is renewable. He follows Dr. Seamus O'Shea, who announced in 2006 that he was stepping down from the position effective June 30, 2007.

Hakin, a U of L faculty member since 1989, was already a member of the University’s administrative team. Since 2005 he held the position of Associate Vice-President Academic, and continues to be a valued member of the Chemistry and Biochemistry department, where he operates a nationally-funded research program in the field of physical chemistry.

“This is an extremely important appointment,” said U of L President Bill Cade. “The Vice-President, Academic and Provost is the person responsible for the day to day operation of the University. As, effectively, the ‘Chief Operating Officer’ Dr. Hakin is ideally suited for this job. He joined he U of L as an Assistant Professor, progressed through the ranks and did very well in his teaching, research and service to our community. His dedication is evident in his record of scholarship and teaching. In fact, Andy is a recent recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award, one of our highest honors. Andy reminds me why many of us decided to pursue academic careers. We all look forward to working with Andy in the years ahead.”

Hakin’s appointment is the culmination of a rigorous selection process mandated in the Bylaws of the U of L General Faculties Council and coordinated by an external consultant. A description of that process follows.

Hakin is a graduate and member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He earned a
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemistry from the University of Leicester in 1984, and was awarded a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the same university in 1987.

He joined the University of Lethbridge as Assistant Professor of Chemistry in 1989, was promoted to Associate Professor in 1994 and then to Professor in 2003. Professor Hakin has served as Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and has also taken an active role in the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association, serving as its President in 2001.

In 2000, Hakin received the University of Lethbridge Distinguished Teacher Award and was recognized by faculty member and students alike for his approachability, high standards and ability to demonstrate how different theoretical concepts apply to "real world" applications. He also received the Stig Sunner Award in 2003 that recognized Hakin for his outstanding research in the field of thermochemistry.

Hakin is one of an elite group of researchers who study calorimetry and the thermodynamics of aqueous systems. Calorimetry takes what most people understand about counting calories or, more importantly, burning them off, and takes it to a new level. These studies involve looking at the energies associated with chemical reactions and processes in solution. The data Hakin gathers assist many other researchers in laying the foundation for future discoveries.

Hakin’s main area of research interest is the measurement of the effects of temperature and pressure on aqueous solutions of amino acids and peptides and the design of instrumentation that can be used to make such measurements.


About the Selection process for the Vice-President, Academic and Provost

The University employed the services of Janet Wright and Associates, a leading search consultant firm in Canada for universities.

Based on meetings with many constituencies on campus, the Search Committee drafted a position profile and advertisement. Nominations and expressions of interest were received from 11 candidates.

Four candidates were interviewed in late 2006. These initial interviews were only with the Committee since we wanted to ensure that individuals invited back for a second, public interview had credentials and experience that closely fit the position profile.

Two candidates were invited for a second interview. They met with many groups on campus, made public presentations and had a second meeting with the Committee. The Committee then requested and received many written comments from members of the University Community.

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