"Jailbird" Advancement VP Nets More Than $5500 for Cancer Resarch
"Jailbird" Advancement VP Nets More Than $5500 for Cancer Resarch

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January 17, 2007

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Putting Too Much ‘Fun’ in Fundraising Pays off Big for Cancer Society

Thanks to the significant contributions of members of the University and external communities, Chris Horbachewski, the U of L's Vice-President, Advancement, raised more than $5500 for the Canadian Cancer Society at their annual Jail-N-Bail event on January 17 & 18.

Horbachewski's 'charges' are outlined in a story posted below.

Thanks to Craig Brouwer and Bernie Wirzba from the CRDC for their photo and video production skills, and to Lethbridge Police Service representative George Carscadden for his 'acting' abilities.

View the 'perp walk' and subsequent activities by clicking on the image at left.

Pledges can still be made by visiting this website:


January 17, 2007


LETHBRIDGE -- Chris Horbachewski, the University of Lethbridge Vice-President Advancement, will be cooling his heels in jail after being arrested for trying to sell University property without permission.

In a rare move, University Security and the Internal Auditors office disclosed that Horbachewski had effectively sold the undeveloped portion of the U of L’s south property on University Drive to a major international resort development company.

“A number of things tipped us off,” said Sonya Harris, the University’s internal auditor. “In addition to Horbachewski’s extravagant lifestyle -– we documented sales receipts for a stable of horses, among other items -- was a busload of tourists asking ‘…where the skating rink was.’ We found this to be unusual, and moved swiftly from that point forward.”

Rumours persist that Horbachewski is participating in the local Canadian Cancer Society’s “Jail and Bail” event, and will supposedly help the charity raise money by being placed ‘under arrest’ and taken to a holding facility at the Park Place Shopping Centre, where he is expected to raise funds by calling likely donors.

Horbachewski was arrested by members of the Lethbridge Police Service and formally charged on Wednesday, January 17, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. in the University Advancement Office, room A735, University Hall.

Harris said that documents uncovered in Horbachewski’s garage revealed plans for a 2,000 unit condominium/hotel complex, a large outdoor skating rink –- to be lit at night -- a helicopter pad and control tower capable of handling large-capacity helicopters, and parking for 2,000 vehicles.

They would not confirm the location of a proposed ski hill-style park, but Horbachewski had commissioned a report to verify if the river could be affected by large-scale excavation on the riverbanks near the property.*

“We’ll see how he does with this first phase of his community service at Jail-N-Bail,” Harris said. After that he may be placed elsewhere. At this time we are co-operating with an agency in Manitoba, so if Mr. Horbachewski wishes to skate outdoors he'll have ample opportunity for that in Thompson, MB.”

Pledges can be made on-line by following this web link:

** Disclaimer: If you are a resident of Riverstone or a member of the University community and have not yet realized that this is a completely false story, please put down the phone. The Lethbridge Herald and other media have already been informed, and there are absolutely no plans to build the structures as described on this property.

Canadian Cancer Society website (for general information): http://www.cancer.ca

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