Administrative Appointments
Administrative Appointments

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January 5, 2007

New leadership for Information Technology Department and the Curriculum Redevelopment Centre

The University of Lethbridge Information Technology department and the Curriculum Redevelopment Centre (CRDC) have new leaders, and they are both well known to the University community.

Effective January 1, Trevor Woods moves from his current position within the CRDC as the Director to become the new Executive Director, Information Technology. David Hinger moves from a project manager position within the CRDC to be the Centre’s Acting Director.

“Trevor and David are to be congratulated for their past work for the University, and for moving into these new roles,” said Nancy Walker, the U of L’s Vice-President, Finance and Administration.

“We look forward to the continuation of the great service that they have provided in the past to the University community.”

Walker added that Woods and the Information Technology team report to the Vice-President, Finance and Administration office, while Hinger’s group continues to report to the Vice-President (Academic) and Provost’s office.

Brief biographies of Trevor Woods and David Hinger are outlined below.


Trevor Woods is no stranger to the University of Lethbridge, as he has most recently held the position of Director of the Curriculum Re-Development Centre since August 2000. From 1994 to 2000 he worked in the Faculty of Education managing and supporting their information technology needs.

Originally from Yellowknife, Trevor attended the University of Lethbridge as a student and achieved a Bachelor of Management degree in Information Systems and a Masters of Education in Educational Technology. Trevor has a strong technical background, as well as excellent leadership and managerial skills.

The Information Technology department reports to the Vice-President, Finance and Administration.

Please visit the Information Technology website:


David Hinger is a graduate of the University of Lethbridge, having completed his BFA in multimedia in the spring of 2003. David is experienced in multimedia development and finding innovative ways that faculty can use technology to enhance their teaching and research.

Prior to completing his degree at the University of Lethbridge, David completed two years of computer Engineering at the University of Alberta. This background in computer engineering provides him with an understanding of computer software development and also of digital electronics design.

Shortly after joining the CRDC in January 2003, David assumed the position of Team and Project Manager. He is currently completing his Masters in Education. David has a strong interest in supporting the needs of faculty and we look forward to his continued assistance in the effective integration of technology into teaching and research.

The Curriculum Re-Development Centre (CRDC) reports to the Vice-President (Academic) & Provost.

Please visit the CRDC website:

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