Global Connection for December 2006
Global Connection for December 2006

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December 1, 2006


With so many similar universities and colleges across Canada, it is very hard to choose one that will fit your particular needs. Aside from program availability and campus size, what makes one university different from another?
Before coming to the University of Lethbridge, I had the opportunity to study in a couple of universities in Mexico and a couple of colleges and private schools in the United States.
Eventually I saw the opportunity to attend a university in Canada, so I did what most people do research on the Internet. It was very hard to separate one university from another based only on the university web sites.
Every web site had pictures of smiling students sitting in a very clean and nice place, pictures of landscapes with beautiful weather and in-depth information about diverse programs, campus organizations as well as services for current and prospective students.
I started calling the admissions and international student offices to ask questions about how to apply, what the city was like, what the weather was like and so forth. Most of the people I spoke with were polite, but it seemed that they had something else to do besides answering the questions of a prospective student.
Nobody seemed to go the extra mile and give the pros and cons of the university until I called the University of Lethbridge. What was different about this particular university was that I was spoken to as if people were interested in having me there as a student. They started to tell me about the University and the city without me having to ask them questions.
After a couple of calls to other universities, I knew that the U of L was the one. I applied to the University the same week and luckily enough I was given an offer of admission.
When I arrived at the U of L in the beginning of January 2003, the weather was quite shocking for me and my English was not as good as I wanted it to be. But as soon as I arrived on campus, my initial distress was gone. People were very friendly, and I was helped by a student who gave me suggestions on what classes I should sign up for.
The same student quickly showed me the most important offices on campus as well as a quick guide to classrooms and recreational areas. I was also guided through filling out forms that I neglected to fill out. Overall I felt like I was important to the University. I was treated like a person, not like a piece of paper.
I have been at the University for almost four years now. I have completed the requirements for a bachelor of arts degree in psychology, and I am currently working towards obtaining a general management certificate.
I have learned that what sets one university apart from another are the people involved in daily university life, namely those who work in administrative positions, the professors as well as your peers.
I have found a new home at the University of Lethbridge. Perhaps it can become your second home as well.

International student Yevgen Fedotov is originally from the Ukraine. His letter first ran on

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