Q and A with Doris Kostiuk
Q and A with Doris Kostiuk

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December 1, 2006




Supporting Our Students (SOS) is an annual appeal that provides U of L
family and friends with the opportunity to donate to scholarships or other priority projects at the U of L.

Administrative Assistant, University Library Administration, Doris Kostiuk is an SOS contributor. We spoke with Doris recently to find out why she believes in supporting our students.

Q. What is your history and connection with the U of L?

A. I have worked at the University Library for 28 years, and Ive also helped out sporadically in other University units over the years. The University has been such a big part of my life Ive enjoyed my work here for many years and my parents both worked here in the late 70s and early 80s. Two of my brothers attended the U of L,and I have a daughter who was studying here and will be returning. Ive made many good friends and acquaintances at the U of L over the years.

Q. You are supporting our students as a donor. Tell us why?

A. It matters to me. I feel its important because I work here and my job relates in some part to the success of our students. It is a privilege to be part of their educational experiences, even if it is in a small way.

Q. How does it feel to contribute to students?

A. I love doing it. I have a daughter going to University, and I see first hand what the support of a parent or University staff members can do to motivate a student. I know how meaningful it is for students to understand that people within the campus community truly care about their experiences here.

Q. You work with students regularly. How has that interaction enriched your life?

A. I have had the opportunity to meet many students over the years who I would not have known otherwise. I love coming out of my office and seeing students studying and using the Library, knowing that they are building a future for themselves. They are setting goals, and I hope they will become the best they can be.

Q. Students spend a lot of time learning here at the U of L. What have you learned from students?

A. When my daughter comes home from university and says, Hey Mom, do you know what Ive learned today? it makes me feel good because I know that other students are probably saying the same sorts of things to their parents and friends. You realize that they want to learn and are planning a better future for themselves.

Q. What would you say to encourage others to participate in Supporting Our Students?

A. Think of students as your own kids why not support them? Give them the experience to learn and grow. In the future, these are the students who will be a part of our lives in a big way they will be the teachers, doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals whom we rely on.

There is still time for faculty and staff to make a contribution to Supporting Our Students this year. Gifts may be made conveniently through payroll deduction or by cheque, cash or credit card. Pledge forms are available online at www.uleth.ca/advancement/dev.

Alternatively, people may phone the Office of University Advancement at 329-2582 for more information.

Gifts made before Dec. 31 will be eligible for a 2006 charitable tax receipt.

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