Centre Sports A New Name
Centre Sports A New Name

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November 1, 2006


What does “Regional Health and Wellness Centre” say to you?

Feedback from the Lethbridge and campus communities has consistently noted that “Regional Health and Wellness Centre” has a medical connotation that belies the actual usage of the facility.

In light of these concerns, the University has renamed the building as the Centre for Sport and Wellness.

Executive Director, Sport and Recreation Services, Sandy Slavin says the new name is a better fit for a facility that will meet the community’s sport and recreation needs and facilitate health-promoting research.

“The new name is a more accurate reflection of the multi-purpose nature of the facility,” says Slavin.

Vice-President, Advancement, Chris Horbachewski says that “Health and Wellness Centre” was a working title that simply stopped working.

“The Centre is the only facility of its kind in southern Alberta. Although the official name has yet to be approved by the Board of Governors, it’s important to start branding the facility with a name that captures its significance to the area,” says Horbachewski.

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