Munsch Ado About Books
Munsch Ado About Books

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October 1, 2006

Canadian children’s author Robert Munsch appeared at the Yates Theatre in Lethbridge for two shows on Sept. 19. Scholastic, a children’s book publisher that publishes many of Munsch’s books, invited the University Bookstore to sell books in the lobby of the Yates. U of L Trade Book Buyer Stacey Gaudette says more than a thousand books were sold to the 800-plus people who attended the performances. Between shows, Munsch visited with his fans and posed for photos. After the second show, he signed books for nearly two hours.

“This was a tremendous opportunity for the U of L Bookstore to showcase the buying power of its trade book section, and the event underlined our professional commitment to representing local and international authors and their publications,” says Gaudette. “Our mission is to celebrate literature in all forms, from the academic to the popular, and we will pull out all the stops to help promote readership across our community.”

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