Making a Difference: Recruiters
Making a Difference: Recruiters

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October 1, 2006


The University’s Student Liaison and Recruitment Office can now field a total of five recruitment officers!

Trish Jackson (BASc ’03), Kali McKay (BA ’06), Karl Rejman (BA ’01, BMgt ’01, MA ’04) and Natasha Fox (BASc ’05) are basically “road warriors” from September to April. It’s not just the Canadian army that can boast, “There’s no life like it!”

These are the folks who drive for hours to reach a community, make a presentation in the morning, staff a booth at noon, travel to another school in the afternoon and attend a career fair in the evening.

Our recruiters also participate in the “college road shows” where a team of recruitment officers and academic advisors visit colleges with students interested in transferring to the U of L.

Natasha has a focus on recruiting for our First Nations Transitions Program, while Carma Harding (BSc/BMgt ’02) is based on campus and organizes events for prospective students, parents and teachers throughout the year.

Recruiters come back to home base during those weeks when the high schools focus on preparation for departmental examinations. There is always lots of work to do back at the University.

In summer, recruiters call most of our applicants to offer help and support – the aim is to convert as many as possible to on-campus students come September. Over this past summer, recruiters made a record 2,500 calls.

Early in the 2006 recruitment season, there was some concern about reaching the University’s target of 8,000 students, given the competitive environment and the hot economy. However, final numbers are in and, at last count, the University’s enrolment for fall 2006 hit 8,130.

With huge support back on campus, including Manager, Student Liaison and Recruitment, John Kincaid and Administrative Support Linda Kucheran, we count on our recruiters to keep us in the game!

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