Pure North Health Screening Tuesday June 12
Pure North Health Screening Tuesday June 12

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Robert Cooney
Univ Adv - Communications
June 11, 2012

Please see the following health screening opportunity that will be taking place on Campus tomorrow, June 12.

This service is being offered by an independent third party organization and any questions should be directed to them at:


More information about the Pure North S’Energy Foundation at the end of this email.

A Healthy Future with Pure North – What Can You Do?

Pure North is a non-profit preventative health organization and we encourage every past, current and future participant to take responsibility for their health by taking the time to participate in our program.

Pure North is setting up a clinic in Lethbridge on Tuesday, June 12th starting at 7:30am for new participants and 9:00am for current participants.

We ask that you please respond ASAP by marking-off below the appointment time that best suits you. Once you have done so, email it to UniversityOfLethbridge@purenorth.ca

Clinic Schedule

Tuesday, June 12th – Student Union Ballroom, Level 3, Student Union Building, University of Lethbridge


* 7:30 am (New participants)

* 9:00 am (Current participants)

Please remember to fast for 10 – 12 hrs prior to your appointment, drink plenty of water (take all prescribed medications as usual). If you're diabetic, have your blood work taken before using insulin. Please contact a Pure North nurse if you have any questions. (403 457 5077).

In order to help our participants reach their health goals, supplement recommendations, blood work, the heavy metal reduction program and lifestyle questionnaire are all reviewed periodically with changes being made based on your most recent information.

Our program interventions are research based with all policies and procedures, including higher vitamin D dosing, having been approved by two independent ethics boards (The Human Research Ethics Board of the University of Alberta, Institutional Review Board Services in Aurora, Ontario).

We look forward to seeing you soon and working together to get you "Feeling Better and Living Longer".

Please direct any questions to allison.lee-sadowy@purenorth.ca, wendy.paramchuk@purenorth.ca or allan.markin@purenorth.ca

What is the Pure North S’Energy Foundation?

The Pure North S'Energy Foundation is a non-profit initiative that focuses on the delivery of innovative preventative and integrative health and wellness strategies.

A comprehensive team of expert health and dental care professionals including physicians, naturopathic doctors and nurses provide first-rate personalized services to participants to help them 'feel better & live longer'.

Pure North S'Energy provides access to services and support which decreases the demand for expensive medical treatment in the future.

Mission Statement

The Pure North S'Energy Foundation empowers participants to feel better and live longer by promoting and encouraging healthy living through education, nutritional and lifestyle advice. The Foundation ensures that those in need and exceptionally commited are not denied preventative and integrative medical services.

What should I expect when I am in the program?

Assessment Appointment

Your initial visit with our team has been designed to evaluate your current health status and your potential health risks. Biometric measurements such as your height, weight, waist girth and blood pressure will be taken. A lifestyle questionnaire must also be completed.

We also perform extensive blood tests and urine tests to measure your nutrient levels and possible markers for disease using the most advanced and informative measurements and screening tests available. We inquire about your dental history and recommend the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings to encourage a healthy mouth and therefore a healthy body and immune system.

Each participant sees one of our clinicians to work on formulating a customized plan for optimum health which includes an initial supply of high quality vitamins and minerals to replace the nutrients no longer found in our food today.


In order to 'feel better & live longer' it is important that you continue to refine your personal plan of action. Your commitment to the program and our recommendations for healthy strategies instill a sense of hope and encourages you to achieve your health objectives. A health care professional will thoroughly review your test results and lifestyle questionnaire and then evaluate your health. We will highly encourage toxicity reduction.

Ongoing Support

You are encouraged to contact the Pure North S'Energy office at any time with questions or to refine your personalized health plan.


The Pure North S'Energy Program believes in 'feeling better & living longer'. The best way to achieve that goal is to partner information with action. Years of clinical research and the practical application of our health strategies with thousands** of participants proves that the more you understand the impact of lifestyle and nutrition on your body the more you will be empowered to achieve optimum health. Thousands of our participants report substantial weight loss, stabilized or lower blood pressure, regulated or lower insulin, increased energy, reduced stress and an overall sense of wellbeing. That's how you 'feel better & live longer'. Prevention is cheaper than treating disease.

** 7,703 participants as of November 17, 2011


82% of clients have epidemically low Vitamin D.
Vitamin D affects healthy body weight, improves blood pressure, lowers insulin levels which helps prevent Type 2 Diabetes and lowers cholesterol.

After many years of participation, fasting insulin levels declined by approximately 10% per year, adding up to 10 years to your life. Lowering cholesterol levels over the same period has the effect of an additional 4.5 years to your life.

We improve health when we improve the Omega 6:3 Ratio.
The ideal ratio of Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil (Omega 6) is between 2.4 and 4. Participants coming into the program had an average ratio of 23.5.

Changes in nutrition and supplemental fish oils improve this ratio and creates healthier citizens with healthier hearts.

Fast and simple ways to lower blood pressure.
With minimal interventions such as optimum levels of Vitamin D, toxicity reduction, fish oil supplementation and the use of magnesium.

Removing amalgam fillings improves thyroid health
Mercury levels were reduced by 37% in participants who had silver dental fillings removed. We believe this improves health heart, emotional health and thyroid function.

Pure North has replaced 2000 dental fillings in 2010 and since inception over 1100 participants now have no fillings.
Heavy metal reduction is a key to Feeling Better & Living Longer

Our research shows that reducing heavy metals in the body (mercury, cadmium, lead and iron) significantly minimizes the potential for extreme illness in participants.
How is the program funded? What will it cost me?

Our specialized services and products are customized for each participant and are offered free of charge* to individuals who agree to take responsibility for improving their health and wellness by actively participating in the Pure North S'Energy program.

Pure North S'Energy is dedicated to the promotion of preventative and integrative health and wellness. Allan P. Markin founded the program after 32 years of extensive experience with occupational health and wellness. It is funded and operated by the Pure North S'Energy Foundation which is a non-profit organization.

* Participant pays for shipping

Pure North S’Energy Foundation is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act. If you are interested in making a donation please make cheques payable to Pure North S’Energy Foundation. A charitable donation receipt will be issued.

Health Clinic & Administration Office
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T. 403.457.5077
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