Uleth getting a Puppy Room!
Uleth getting a Puppy Room!

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Auburn Phillips
Counselling Services
March 26, 2013

Counselling Services is proud to announce that certified Therapy Dogs will be coming to campus for students who need some puppy-induced stress relief!

We have breeds ranging from a Shih Tzu Mix to a Shetland Sheepdog to a Whippet, all tested for amiable temperament and certified by St. John Ambulance as working Therapy Dogs.

Our current schedule is as follows; any changes/additions will be updated as available:

Monday April 8 (AH100)
2-3pm Ashley & Riley (Shih Tzu Mix)
3-4pm Marsha & Jovi (Shetland Sheepdog)

Tuesday April 9 (AH100)
6-7pm Laura & Brock (Golden Retriever Cross)
3-4pm Marsha & Jovi (Shetland Sheepdog)

Wednesday April 10 (SU300B)
5-7 PM
Christine & Bo (Golden Lab)

Thursday April 11 (SU Ballroom B)
2-3pm Karen & Shaye (Cockapoo)
3-4pm Ashley & Riley (Shih Tzu Mix)
3-4pm Debbie & Maggie (English Springer Spaniel)

Friday April 12 (W512)
4-5pm Adonus & Enzo (Whippet)

Tuesday April 16 (W512)
3-4pm Debbie & Maggie (English Springer Spaniel)
Wednesday April 17
5-6pm Christine & Bo (Golden Lab)
6-7pm Christine & Bo (Golden Lab)

Friday April 19 (AH100)
4-5pm Adonus & Enzo (Whippet)

Counselling Services gratefully acknowledges the support and guidance of St. John Ambulance Therapy Dogs Program, and ULeth Risk and Safety Services.

Thanks also to our sponsor ULSU.

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