Peer Partners Needed!
Peer Partners Needed!

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Kevan Bryant
International Centre for Students
August 2, 2012

The International Centre for Students is looking for 3 more U of L students who are interested in becoming "Peer Partners" to Japanese exchange students visiting the U of L this August from Hokkai Gakuen University. The summer program runs from August 10th to September 1st. Peer Partners will be invited to participate in some of the group’s activities, including a Welcome BBQ on August 11th, a lunch and activity, the Whoop Up Days Parade, a day trip to Waterton, and a Farewell Banquet on August 31st. “Peer Partners” will be asked to attend as many events as possible and commit to spending some time each week with another student from Hokkai Gakuen University. If these responsibilities are met, then “Peer Partners” will receive a letter of reference from the International Centre for Students and a Certificate of Achievement.For more information please contact Kevan in the International Centre for Students at 403-329-2041 or as soon as possible.

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