RiboClub Seminar - June 4
RiboClub Seminar - June 4

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Kirsten Rosler
Chemistry and Biochemistry
May 29, 2012


RiboClub Seminar – June 4, 2012

When: June 4, 2012
Where: B716
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 pm

The following presentations will be given:

Eileen Shaw
Lady Davis Institute/McGill University
Title: The PKR activator, PACT, becomes a PKR inhibitor during HIV replication.

Jennifer Ma
McGill University
Title: The role and regulation of STAT3 in cachexia-induced muscle wasting.

Yasnee Beeharry
University of Ottawa
Title: Conserved features of an RNA promoter recognized by the human RNA Polymerase II.

Valerie Grenier-St-Sauveur
Université de Sherbrooke
Title: Nabbing the role of fission yeast Nab2 in gene regulation

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