Pledge to BYOB
Pledge to BYOB

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LPIRG Office
April 25, 2012

Pledge to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)

Single-use plastic and paper bags are harmful for the environment both in production and degradation. Plastic bags can take upwards of 1000 years to completely photodegrade into smaller pieces of plastic - whereas paper bags require large amounts of energy and create large amounts of pollution during production. It doesn't take much to help, simply Bring Your Own Bag when shopping! By pledging to BYOB, you are setting an example on how to be green and becoming a leader in your community!

Take the pledge here:


"Pledge to BYOB" is an effort of the BYOB Alberta LPIRG Action Group. For more information and to get involved in reducing the number of single use bags used in Alberta, visit

or contact LPIRG & the BYOB Alberta Action Group at
SU 242 (in Galileo's)

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