Anti-bullying week
Anti-bullying week

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Andrew Doyle
August 6, 2009

The Education Undergraduate Society will be hosting it's 2nd Annual Anti-Bullying week from September 28-Sept. 30 2009.

Events include:

3 Free - lunch hour professional development sessions on Bullying in schools to be held in the SU ballrooms. These sessions will focus on the prevention and management of bullying and other forms of student to student abuse that may occur in the classroom, hall or playground.

As well, on Wednesday September 30 at 7:00 p.m. there will be a PD session open to teachers, parents and students. A presentation will be made by Faculty members from Education and Kinesiology/Physical Education and from a representative from the Lethbridge Regional Police. The topic will be:
Cyberbullying-what is it? Where and when does it occur? What is its impact?
How can we handle it as teachers, student teachers, adults, police and
community members? The event focuses on teaching online citizenship and
personal responsibility in todayıs cyber world.

This session is also in the Students Union Ballrooms and will include refreshments.

During the week and the weeks leading up to the EUS will be fundraising by selling "STOP bullying" bracelets provided by Entire proceeds of the sale of bracelets will go back to Please visit the website to learn more about and its functions.

Please contact the EUS for more information:

Phone - 403-329-2442
email -
website -

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