Students Invited to Debate Tuition
Students Invited to Debate Tuition

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LPIRG Office
December 3, 2012

As students register for the Spring semester at the U of L, they prepare to pay another round of tuition and we know they have an opinion about it. So the Lethbridge Public Interest Research Group (LPIRG), the U of L Students' Union, and the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs (SACPA) have once again teamed up to bring a forum for discussion to the U of L.

Students are invited to to apply to participate in The Big Idea: The Student Speaker Challenge, and voice their opinion on the question “How much should you pay in tuition?” Students aren't being asked to provide a number, but to present a thesis which considers the principles and values which do or should underlie how tuition costs are calculated and paid.

As in past challenges, eight participants will be chosen and then will face off during the last week of January and first week of February. Their speeches and question periods will be judged by a panel which will include a community member, a student and faculty member. And as always, students have the added incentive to participate by being eligible to win up to $500 for their winning presentation. Some of the changes this year include a video application rather than a written submission, which will allow the public to vote online for the students they want to hear more from in the speaking challenge.

The Big Idea is a chance for students to contribute their unique perspective and opinion to this discussion, and to help create a more informed and engaged community which is the basis for a strong democracy. This exchange of ideas is an opportunity for students to develop their own voice, to gain experience in an academic arena, and to hone their public speaking and research skills. And the top four finishers will even win a bit of money to put toward that ever debated tuition price.

Applications from students are due by January 15, and will be posted for public voting from January 16 to 18. The preliminary round will take place from January 28 to 31, and the finals from February 4 to 7. More information about The Big Idea: The Student Speaker Challenge can be found at or by contacting LPIRG at or 403-332-5343.

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