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Tom Johnston
Geography Dept
November 26, 2012

Speaker: Dr. Hester Jiskoot, Department of Geography, University of Lethbridge.

Title of Talk: “Effects of glacier recession and Fragmentation in the Canadian Rocky Mountains”

Time: Friday, November 30, 2012 (3:00 pm)
Room: Anderson Hall 116

About the Presentation:

Global glacier recession has resulted in tributary glaciers detaching from their trunks and glaciers breaking up into smaller units. Glacier retreat and thinning causes gradual changes in ice flow and mass balance, but when glaciers fragment or when rock walls destabilize, these changes can be step-wise. Better knowledge about glacier fragmentation and tributary-trunk interaction enhances our ability to predict future glacier recession rates and related changes in runoff. A better understanding of the blocking potential of tributaries may further help unravel causes of glacier surging. This presentation highlights five associated research projects, combining 6 years of field research in the Canadian Rocky Mountains with remote sensing, laboratory and modelling studies.

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