2012 Alex Johnston Lecture, Nov. 1-- 31 Years on the Trail of Captain Deane of the Mounties
2012 Alex Johnston Lecture, Nov. 1-- 31 Years on the Trail of Captain Deane of the Mounties

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Robert Cooney
Univ Adv - Communications
October 26, 2012

Dr. William (Bill) Baker, U of L Professor Emeritus (Dept. of History 1970-1999), will present the 22nd annual lecture honouring the life and career of Dr. Alex Johnston.

The Alex Johnston Lectures are made possible through an endowment which was established in the memory of Dr. Johnston with contributions from the Lethbridge Historical Society and many individuals.

The endowment is housed at the University of Lethbridge, and the Series is administered by a committee which draws its members from the Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Lethbridge and the Lethbridge Historical Society.


From Fact to Fiction:31 Years on the Trail of Captain Deane of the Mounties

Date & Time: Thursday, Nov. 1, 2012 / 7:30 p.m.

Location: Lethbridge Public Library (810 5th Ave S)


From 1883 to 1914 Richard Burton Deane was a senior officer in the Mounted Police. His writings, both published and unpublished, are an important and vibrant witness to the transformation of the southern Prairies in the settlement years.

He was C.O. of the Lethbridge Division for well over a decade and was instrumental in establishing criminal justice, social order, and cultural institutions in the developing town and region.

Since the early 1980s Professor Baker has carried out wide-ranging research, made numerous presentations, and published articles and books on Captain Deane.

Now Bill has produced a novel, The Father Quest. It investigates the mystery of Deane’s biological father. Was that man Deane’s reputed progenitor, Rev. Henry Deane, or perhaps Sir Richard Burton, the famous 19th century explorer, writer, and compiler/translator of the Arabian Nights and the Kama Sutra?

In writing a novel about Deane, has Baker betrayed his vows as a historian and succumbed to the Fiction Affliction?

Come and hear Bill’s light-hearted description of his many years camped out on the trail of Deane.

Copies of the novel will be available for sale at the Alex Johnston Lecture or they may be obtained from the author at w.m.baker@shaw.ca, or from Joseph Kadezabek at joe@subaruoflethbridge.com.

Media: Professor Baker may be contacted at his home in Victoria (w.m.baker@shaw.ca or 250-388-9915). He will be in Lethbridge and available for interviews between October 28 and Nov 5 (403-329-1008).

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