Talking About Teaching: Teaching for Conceptual Understanding
Talking About Teaching: Teaching for Conceptual Understanding

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Brad Reamsbottom
Curriculum Re-Devel Ctr (CRDC)
October 15, 2012


Teaching for Conceptual Understanding

Concepts! Concepts! Concepts! They're everywhere! Our textbooks are full of them. Lectures explain them. Tests measure how well students understand them. But what is a concept? How do we know our students are deeply learning a concept? How can we teach for conceptual understanding in a specific field or discipline? This CAETL session explores the challenges, issues and pleasures associated with teaching for conceptual understanding.

Please join us. The session promises to be informative, supportive and challenging.

October 26th,2012
L1170 A
2- 4 PM

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Refreshments will be served.
All members of the teaching community are welcome to attend.

This event will be live streamed from 2-4pm. You can watch it at the following link:

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