Find Us: Lost, Found, and Moving now in its second stage
Find Us: Lost, Found, and Moving now in its second stage

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Tiffani Semach
October 4, 2012

Lost, Found, and Moving, a collaborative project by Sociology 4850A: Urban Spaces and Subjectiviy, is beginning its second stage, exploring the relational nature of objects and spaces.

Several ‘found objects’ have been hidden in various places on the University of Lethbridge campus and around the City of Lethbridge. These objects may be tattered, mundane, or empty, or even shiny, new, and full – but each of them has exercised some agency in the life of its previous possessor or in the spaces they have previously inhabited.

We invite you to seek out these objects. Rather than working from GPS coordinates, this geocaching project is designed around prompts that animate the spaces in which our objects are hidden in terms of their historical, sensorial, cultural, political, or topological significances. We hope that you will join us in a conversation about the interrelationships between spaces and objects.

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