Name the New Community Arts Centre!
Name the New Community Arts Centre!

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Robert Cooney
Univ Adv - Communications
November 20, 2012

In May, 2013 Lethbridge’s new Community Arts Centre being built downtown on 3rd Ave. S. will be opening up its doors to the public – but it needs a name.

The Community Arts Centre, which includes as a major tenant the University of Lethbridge Conservatory of Music, will be an incubator for arts activities for years to come.

The public is encouraged to participate in the naming process by submitting creative names that fit the vision of this iconic civic building.

The criteria that the names are being selected on are as follows:

- The name will provide a fresh and exciting identity with a modern and contemporary appeal.

- The name will be easy to brand; something that lends itself to graphic interpretation.

- The name will be unique to this building; not to be confused with other buildings, parks or locations.

- The name will preferably be short, or something that can easily be shortened.

- The name will be inclusive of all the arts- not exclusive to one or a few.

- The name will be easy to remember, something that attracts interest or attention

The Lethbridge Community Arts Centre will be a place where people develop community through learning, living and loving the arts. It will be a centre for the development and exhibition of emerging talent in the visual and performing arts community in Lethbridge.

Through providing opportunities for artists to create and collaborate, and for the public to engage in an active and varied educational arts programming, the Lethbridge Community Arts Centre will foster the understanding, appreciation and application of the arts in the city.

The Lethbridge Community Arts Centre is intended to serve as a gathering place for the arts community in Lethbridge. It will accommodate an exhibition gallery, dance studio, multipurpose community room, spaces for arts education, studios for visual arts, music rehearsal spaces, as well as support facilities such as staff offices and a woodworking workshop. The Centre will function seven days a week, year round, with daytime, evening and weekend programming.

An official submission form is available on the U of L Conservatory of Music website, here:

Learn more about the building project, here:

DEADLINE: Submissions are being accepted until noon on Friday, December 28, 2012.

SUBMISSION LENGTH: Submissions must be kept strictly to one page, and one page only – this includes any supporting material submitters wish to include -- and should be e-mailed to

More than one submission per individual will be accepted.

The naming committee will review all submissions over the month of January and will make a recommendation to City Council in early February.

City Council will have the final approval of the name.

Any questions regarding the Community Arts Centre or the naming process can be directed to the City of Lethbridge Recreation and Culture office. Please call (403) 320-4716.

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