Interdisciplinary Research Development Fund results
Interdisciplinary Research Development Fund results

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Penny Pickles
Vice Pres Research
October 16, 2012

The Office of the Vice-President Research is pleased to announce the results of the second call for IRDF grants. Congratulations to the following teams:

Roy Golsteyn, Olga Kovalchuk & David Naylor: "An inSPIRED View of Cancer Cells" aims to deploy astronomical instrumentation to provide cosmic imaging of cancer cells and tissues.

Nicole Rosen, Inge Genee, Robin Gibb, Claudia Gonzalez, Fangfang Li & Noella Piquette: "Language: Development, Identity and Assessment" aims to explore the relationship between speech production and markers of typical and atypical development.

These projects will complete the call for IRDF grants for 2012. Not surprisingly, we received many more excellent applications than we were able to fund. Our office will continue to seek opportunities to match these teams with potential sources of funding. Thank you to the GFC Research Committee for reviewing the applications.

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