A Guide to Risk & Safety Concerns on / off Campus
A Guide to Risk & Safety Concerns on / off Campus

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Anne Baxter
Risk and Safety Services
October 14, 2008

Dan Berte, NCSO, previously employed with Workplace Safety & Health care Services,
is our new Safety Officer with Risk and Safety Services. A designated National Safety
Construction Officer, Dan is also experienced as an audiometric technician. Prior to
pursuing his career in the safety field he trained and apprenticed as a heavy equipment
operator with Lethbridge College. Dan is responsible for general and construction safety
here on campus. Contact: 329-2190

Safety Officer, Carolin Cattoi-Demkiw, B. Tech., C.T. works closely and diligently
with faculty and students in the area of radiation, chemical and laboratory safety. Carolin
also assists with general and construction safety issues, hazard assessments, start up
meetings and incident/accident investigations. Contact: 329-2350

Risk Analyst, Toby Clark, B.Sc., works extensively with student event risk
management, off campus field trips, Study Abroad Risk Orientations, waiver
administration, alcohol application approval and assists with administration of the
insurance portfolio. Contact: 329-2099

Anne M. Baxter, B.A., Manager, oversees the Risk and Safety Services Team and the
various responsibilities that are associated with the management and administration of the
University’s Occupational Health & Safety, Risk Management and Insurance Programs.
Contact: 382-7176

Risk and Safety Services is committed to the education and promotion of risk control and
a strong safety culture to the University’s students, faculty, staff and to members of the
external community who utilize our facilities. Our services are multifaceted including
safety audits, hazard assessment, safety training, WHMIS, CPR/First Aid , administration
of the University’s insurance program, risk orientation for club and university events,
field trips, practicum, co-op, affiliations, internships and international travel programs,
waiver creation and administration, incident/accident investigation, claims management,
ensuring regulatory compliance with municipal, provincial and federal statutes, contract
review and overseeing the administration of University’s Alcohol Policy.
Please be sure to contact us. We are happy to be of service!

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