Chillin' 4 Charity, November 22
Chillin' 4 Charity, November 22

November 22, 2012

You can jump, be pushed or support someone who is taking a plunge for the United Way at the 7th Chillin' for Charity event, which takes place Thursday, Nov. 22 beginning at 11 a.m. on the south patio of the Students' Union Building.

This year, Dr. Bob Boudreau is the designated victim from the U of L Senior Administration team, while Dr. Rich Perlow takes a dive for Management. Dean Bob Ellis is, surprisingly, out of town that day.

Community Volunteers from the United Way will be joining the students, as well.

The event, a major fundraiser for the JDC West team, will see more than 50 people hit the water, in costume, usually screaming.

To sign up or support a jumper, drop by their highly-visible location.

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