The Everest Challenge Returns, Nov. 16: 8,848 Meters, 24 Hours
The Everest Challenge Returns, Nov. 16: 8,848 Meters, 24 Hours

November 13, 2012

Climbers at the U of L are back for a fourth time to take on The Everest Challenge.

Beginning on Friday, November 16th at 7:30 pm, three teams of climbers will climb just over 8,848 m (29,029 ft), the equivalent height of Mount Everest, on the indoor climbing wall at the University of Lethbridge Ascent Climbing Centre. The event will continue non-stop over the next 24 hours.

“This year participants will climb the wall a minimum of 60 times each, with added challenges such as a snow blindness challenge in which climbers will climb blindfolded,” says Nicole Sutherland, U of L Climbing Club President, “The Everest Challenge provides us with something to train for, and allows us to push ourselves for a good cause. I believe this year will be the most exciting yet, because we have finally perfected the logistics of the Event.”

The organizers of the event, the U of L Climbing and Rotaract Clubs, predict a monumental success for the event this year, which has assuredly been an annual hit. Rotaract started planning the event in 2009, collaborating with the Climbing Club. Over the past three years, $7,469.93 (over 650,000 Nepalese rupees) has been raised by climbers, sponsored by friends, family, and local businesses, to support the non-profit organization Uphill Both Ways, which furthers development in Nepal by funding construction and donating school supplies.

“The funds raised will go to furthering education and public health initiatives in Nepal,” says Drew Andreachuk, a U of L student who has worked first-hand in Nepal supporting the cause, “It's hard to describe my time in Nepal but the kindness and love that the people have shown me there is astounding. I know we are making a difference and by donating and coming to climb you are making a difference too!”

Yet, the Everest Challenge is not just a fundraiser and a place for climbers to show what they’re made of; it is an open invitation to the public for an opportunity to learn more about climbing. Everyone is encouraged to come out on Friday, November 16th and climb, donate, and cheer on the climbers.

Friday, November 16th · 7:00 pm – Saturday, November 17th ·7:00 pm
Ascent Climbing Centre, 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport & Wellness

To learn more about Everest Challenge, visit
To learn more about Uphill Both Ways, visit
Please consider making a donation; cheques can be made payable to Uphill Both Ways Education and Relief fund:

Suite 807-400-4th Ave. S.
Lethbridge, AB T1J4E1
To register, please contact:

U of L Rotaract Club: Katherine Odland, Event Co-Chair
E-mail:; Tel.: 403-715-9966
U of L Climbing Club: Nicole Sutherland, President
E-mail:; Tel: 403-331-5445

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